One Stop Shop at ASD Market Week

Jun 28, 2021

ASD Market Week is the biggest wholesale buying event of the year. With 3,500 booths featuring 1,500 vendors, attendees come ready to shop the latest products for their stores and businesses. From cosmetics to carry-on luggage, this show has it all.

Exhibit Experience put together this show and exhibitor guide to make sure your products stand out at this important tradeshow. Need more help preparing for the big event? Contact Exhibit Experience today – we’re your one-stop exhibit house to showcase your products the right way.

Who will be at ASD Market Week?

According to the show organizers, buyers from nearly every retail industry will be there. Here are just a few industries browsing the trade show for their next big product:

  • Style & Beauty (Apparel, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume)
  • Gift & Home (Souvenir, novelties, furniture, décor, crafts, hobbies, toys)
  • General Merchandise (Dollar stores, sporting goods, hardware, electronics)
  • Specialty Stores (Pharmacies, Convenience stores, grocery, supermarket)
  • Importers, Distributors & Online Retailers

ASD Market Week has over 10,500 companies registered to attend (as buyers) and 1,500 vendors set to exhibit. Attendees represent 90 different companies – and 95% of them are the decision-makers for their business. The average buyer spends $82,500 at this show, amounting to over $2 billion annually.

These are real buyers making large purchases on one trade show floor.

Why should you attend ASD Market Week?

While it is tempting to reserve your marketing budget for niche tradeshows, like Cosmoprof or Magic Show, Exhibit Experience recommends at least exhibiting with a smaller booth at ASD Market Week. In terms of B2B retail trade shows, this is the oldest and the largest, with the most diverse exhibitor profiles. Even a 10 x 10 exhibit, with the proper display, can reap serious sales rewards.

In fact, here are four main reasons why you should attend and exhibit at the ASD Market Week:

  1. The diversity of suppliers. ASD Market Week has 1,500 exhibitors from many different industries with hundreds of types of products and goods. All on one trade show floor.
  2. Profit margins. ASD Market Week is the only merchandise trade show where buyers find high-margin products at a low wholesale price. As an exhibitor, you want to catch the eye of these buyers.
  3. Pent-up demand. Due to the global pandemic, trade shows were canceled throughout 2020. So now, buyers are itching to get out there and find the latest, greatest product – and they’re ready to buy.
  4. Education. With the Back to Business sessions, special events, and immersive workshops led by industry experts, ASD Market Week is the place to be to learn how to succeed in your industry.

Concerned about health and safety?

ASD Market Week understands these concerns and is prioritizing the safety of all who attend. You can read the full details on their health and safety measures here.

How can you be the best in show at ASD Market Week?

Once you have the green light and budget to exhibit at ASD Market Week, here are two tips to ensure your booth gets “best in show”.

Remember that clutter is the enemy.

A trade show is not a flea market. Serious buyers, spending serious money, are looking for clean lines, good lighting, and well-displayed products. If you’re planning on showcasing dozens of products, make sure your booth is large enough to display each product to its best advantage. Exhibit Experience’s expert team can help you set your booth up for success.

Hire a local exhibit house – like Exhibit Experience – to help you design and build your booth.

Our main office is in Las Vegas, and we are very familiar with this tradeshow. In fact, we have helped exhibitors from all industries display their products at ASD Market Week for over 20 years.

When you work with our local exhibit house, you’ll receive:

  • Quality rental, design, exhibit labor, and build services.
  • Customized exhibit to demonstrate your products easily and effectively.
  • Complimentary freight, and shipping and handling to the show.
  • A multi-show discount and storage package for your brand if you’re attending other shows this year.

For more information on showing your best at ASD Market Week, contact us today!

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