AAPEX 2019 November 5-7, Is your Exhibit Ready?

Sep 9, 2019

AAPEX 2019 November 5-7, Is your Exhibit Ready? Exhibit Experience is a local Las Vegas exhibit builder and we will be out in full force for the AAPEX show delivering the best booths for the best prices, period. We offer under 30 day displays and custom displays in under 60. How? We are local in Las Vegas and know the vendors and have the staff to make your displays the best they can be in minimum time and within your budget. Below are some of the quick facts of the show and ways that you can show your best at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo.

What is AAPEX

AAPEX may be the Aftermarket Automotive Product Expo, but it has grown to encompass much more than that. Industry includes new to market and aftermarket lighting systems, sound moderators, cooling systems, Friction and Brake circuits, Engine and Transmission parts, Gear systems, Automotive Hand tools and much more. There are trainings that are just as integral as the trade show floor for many attendees and this show draws record numbers. Upwards of 48,000 will be in attendance in 2019 discovering the new trends before they hit the garage, if you are in this industry and are not at this show, you will be missing key contacts and sales.

Attendee and Exhibitor Costs

Attendee tickets start at $40 and the exhibitor costs start at $10500. Booth spaces are sold out, and there is a waiting list. If you are looking to exhibit next year, contact AAPEX. https://www.aapexshow.com/exhibitor/. Be sure to book your hotel and travel as soon as possible, as this sells out as quickly as booth sales. Complete costs for attendees are below!



Attendee Registration Online (through October 11)
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (through October 11)
Attendee Registration Online (Starting October 12) or Onsite
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Attendee Registration by Fax or Mail (Starting October 12)
Note: Online registration will still be available, but the show badges will have to be picked up onsite
Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers/Suppliers/Importers/Exporters
Lost or forgotten badges reprinted onsite (1x maximum).
Lost or forgotten badges reprinted onsite (1x maximum).
(NEMs: companies qualified to exhibit, but not currently exhibiting in this year’s Shows.)

Why exhibit at AAPEX and What booth is best?

AAPEX offers a robust education package that supplements the enormous trade show floor. Demonstrations, technology, seminars, business building is all available for exhibitors and attendees. The trade show alone is 2500 exhibitors and the competition for getting attention to your product is steep. With a show that sells out months before it opens, you need to be sure that year after year, your booth is competitive.

Exhibit Experience offers turnkey exhibits for AAPEX and the AAPEX 2019 Exhibit Rental is all about customizations and utility, with keeping prices reasonable. How to accomplish this? We use a simple approach to the basic booth construction with modular lightweight frames and then customize every element of the exhibit. In car terms, it would be like getting a Honda Civic and “pimping the ride.” For a one product miniature sales floor, we would recommend a 10 x 20 exhibit with two product walls, a demo space with AV integration with monitors looping content, and one set of office furniture with a branded welcome desk. We can deliver this type of booth at under $15,000.

Looking for something more?

If you have already registered for the AAPEX 2019 show, we can deliver much much more than your average exhibit house. As a local Las Vegas exhibit builder, we have specialty vendors that can cater to any customization you choose, if we do not already offer it or build it in house. All exhibits are designed and fabricated in Las Vegas at our headquarters and we deliver direct to show. Double deck exhibits, custom overhead structures, branded custom welcome desks and demo space, VR receptacles, electric specifications and advanced AV set ups, are all part of what we can offer to custom exhibitors. At a show of this caliber, you need to be sure that your product, service, or brand visual communications message is heard loud and clear. Contact our sales team at rentals@exhibitexperience.com for a complimentary RFP and to learn more about our custom, custom modular, and modular exhibits for AAPEX 2019.