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Apr 14, 2023

This April, exhibit at the “premier educational and networking event for specialists in the field of cancer research”—the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. AACR’s mission is “to prevent a cure cancer through research, education, communication, and collaboration. Through its programs and services, the AACR fosters research in cancer and related biomedical science; accelerates the dissemination of new research findings among scientists and others dedicated to the conquest of cancer; promotes science education and training; and advances the understanding of cancer etiology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment throughout the world.”

The AACR Annual Meeting is a highlight for many in the cancer research community. Scientists, clinicians, other health care professionals, survivors, patients, and advocates will share the latest advances in cancer science and medicine. In between workshops and networking events, attendees will browse the exhibition hall to discover the latest in laboratory and clinical research. AACR 2023 will see a wide variety of companies and brands, all showcasing their innovative products, technologies, and services.

If you’re planning on exhibiting at AACR 2023, you’ll need to know how to make the most of your time there. We’ve put together everything you need to know to make your booth a success.

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Where and when is AACR 2023?

Date: April 14-19, 2023

Location: Orlando, Florida

Venue: Orange County Convention Center

Trade show hours:

  • Sunday, April 16: 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Monday, April 17: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, April 18: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday, April 19: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Accommodations & Travel

Convention Management Resources is the official housing provider for AACR 2023, and they offer convenient hotel options at Orlando area hotels. Find out more here.


Who attends AACR?

Show organizers anticipate around 20,000 attendees, made up of scientists and other cancer professionals, such as laboratory scientists and clinical investigators specializing in all aspects of cancer research. According to the Exhibitor Prospectus 2023, the top 10 fields of research for AACR 2022 attendees were:

  • 4,247 Tumour biology
  • 4,165 Genetics and genomics
  • 4,086 Immunology and immunotherapy
  • 3,780 Clinical research and trials
  • 3,375 Cell biology
  • 3,142 Molecular biology
  • 2,121 Experimental and molecular therapeutics
  • 1,559 Pharmacology
  • 1,355 Carcinogenesis
  • 1,051 Epigenetics

Within those research branches, attendees focussed on:

  • 9% Translational
  • 9% Basic
  • 9% Clinical research
  • 6% Business development
  • 0% Population sciences
  • 7% Clinical practice
  • 0% Research administration

When you review your exhibit booth’s elevator pitch, consider how can your product, service, or technology will help these researchers work smarter, faster, and more efficiently towards their goal to prevent and cure cancer.

Understanding where they work will help you streamline your message to fit within their day-to-day lives. In 2022, attendees worked in the following environments:

  • 7% Industry/private sector
  • 3% Academia
  • 1% Hospital/clinic
  • 1% Cancer center
  • 8% Government
  • 0% Non-profit institute
  • 0% Association/professional organization
  • 0% Other
  • 11% Private practice

Now that you have your pitch drafted, practice that a few times until it’s smooth. Then read through our exhibiting tips below to help you stand out at AACR 2023.

How can you stand out at AACR?


Success at AACR 2023 depends on you and your exhibit team’s ability to draw in a crowd. This doesn’t always happen at your booth. AACR 2023 offers attendees and exhibitors alike access to exciting shows, like the Exhibitor Spotlight Theater Presentations. Attending presentations of products and services like yours (even if your brand or company isn’t featured) puts you in the audience with potential leads. Strike up a conversation with them to find out what they like and don’t like about the product or services being presented—and find a way to tell them about your company.

AACR 2023 is also running a draw for one of five Amazon gift cards. Attendees are encouraged to visit participating exhibitors and other locations throughout the week. If your company hasn’t signed up to be one of those participating exhibitors, speak with your AACR 2023 Annual Meeting contact to see if you can sign up.

Of course, once you’ve pulled visitors to your booth, you’ll need to make sure it’s set up for success. Having the right booth size can help. Here are two booth sizes available and their specific advantages:

10 x 10 Exhibit Rentals

10 x 10 Exhibit Rentals are ideal for exhibitors who want to highlight or promote a single product or service. You have room for product display cases, 3D graphic wall, custom light display and flooring, and one seating configuration.

10 x 20 Exhibit Rentals

10 x 20 Exhibit Rentals are a good solution for those showing multiple products and services. You have 20 feet of graphic back wall, multiple seating configurations for demonstrations and lighting education, in addition to custom light and flooring that come standard with our exhibit rentals.

If you want to really ensure your booth has a presence at AACR 2023, Exhibit Experience can help. Our dynamic LED walls with video reels, private projection rooms for closing, overhead projections, new underlit flooring, and much more will catch the eye of those buyers and draw them into your booth.

Curious about how much booths cost? Read our Costs of Exhibiting article.

Decide if you will rent or D-I-Y your booth.

Experience is key when it comes to standing out at large-scale tradeshows. AACR 2023 exhibit booth rentals require expert administration, management, and design, with the show and brand needs in mind. Local tradeshow exhibit rentals from experienced booth builders, like Exhibit Experience, for the upcoming AACR 2023 will help you go that extra mile.

Need a reliable booth builder for the AACR 2023?

Exhibit Experience is the preferred trade show booth builder for the AACR 2023 show. We produce state-of-the-art exhibits within a variety of budgets. From custom to pre-certified exhibits, we’ll have the booth you need to show your company the right way.

We will:

  • Design and build your exhibit to the right specs
  • Provide 24-hour support throughout the trade show.
  • Set up and take down your booth

The Exhibit Experience team has over two decades of experience delivering custom exhibits and custom modular exhibits that see instant results. Our exhibit management services are all-inclusive, from design to delivery. We will deliver your exhibit on time, on budget, and following all safety protocols.

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