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40 x 40 Turn-Key Booth Builder


  • Description

40 x 40 Turn-Key Booth Builder booth will attract more of the right prospects, potential clients and media coverage. Command your space using two open entrances that will allow people to come in and feel comfortable within your branded area. There are two large-scale supporting walls on the sides with double-sided 3D signage; an island with interactive TV displays for product presentations, a bar with high chairs for casual gatherings, a crystal clear private room for discussions and an informal seating area with tables and chairs to chat with customers. Lighting is seamless, and the floors are customizable. All graphics are customized to your brand’s requirements and our services are turnkey design to delivery.

For more information in regard to 40 x 40 Turn-Key Booth Builder, give us a call at (800)-354-6022 or send us an email at [email protected] Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.


Please remember that Exhibit Experience is not the general contractor. Exhibit Experience is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor. An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any company other than one of the designated official contractors which an exhibitor wants to employ inside the exhibit hall before, during (by special pass and/or wristband), or after the show (Union Rules and Regulations apply). This includes all EAC display houses, display sales representatives, designers, EAC labor, supervisors and any third party. No permission to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will be given for the performance of the following services: Electrical, Plumbing & All Other Utilities Drayage / Forklift Operations, Booth Cleaning or Vacuuming, Century Security Form, Telephone / Communications, Rigging – Overhead or Genie Lift, Catering/ Food Service**