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20 x 50 Las Vegas AHR exhibit rental B-1

20 x 50 Las Vegas AHR exhibit rental B-1


The 20 x 50 Las Vegas trade show exhibit rental B-1 / 20 x 50 Las Vegas trade show display rental B-1 is all about the functionality and flow of the exhibit space. Sometimes, hosting informal meeting areas inside of the exhibit rental space goes further at a tradeshow than anything else. Remember, inside of the convention center, you’re going to come across a lot of noise when the trade show is happening. Most of the time our exhibitors will meet and greet inside of a welcoming exhibit rental space area like this one and then if a formal meeting needs to take place, the exhibitors will take that meeting into a private suite at the local venue which exhibit experience can also organize outside of the trade show floor. Exhibit Experience is a turnkey trade show exhibit house, and our goal is to do everything for you. Always remember that all of our exhibits are 100% reconfigurable to meet your branding needs.

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