10 x 10 FABTECH Exhibit Rental

10 x 10 FABTECH Exhibit Rental includes customizable flooring, a curved compartment with three overhead lights, LED on reception for display, a private area for meeting/storage plus a customer seating space with a table and three chairs. Just because you are exhibiting in a smaller space, does not mean your exhibit cannot stand out. This is an excellent example of modern branding techniques and lighting that create an exhibit worthy of attendee attention. This booth is available for under $10,000 and is deliverable within 30 days. If you are thinking about showing in Orlando or Las Vegas, we can further reduce your costs, because we are local exhibit houses to each location.

For more information in regard to 10 x 10 FABTECH Exhibit Rental, give us a call at (800)-354-6022 or send us an email at rentals@exhibitexperience.com. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation.