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Here is a great example of a very simple 20x20 turnkey exhibit rental | 20x20 trade show booth rental that stands out. At the 2017 CES Expo, we were given the challenge to provide a great looking exhibit without breaking the bank. We delivered! The 20 x 20 Las Vegas Exhibit Rental B-9 does it all. This 20 x 20 exhibit provides the exhibitor with plenty of lockable storage space inside of the tower as well as lockable storage space inside of the outer counters as well. With its 16ft high central tower and its wide branding area, the 20x20 Las Vegas booth rental B-9 definitely stands out from the others. How about the cool glowing LED corners? Not bad for a turnkey exhibit rental that can be delivered for $16k in Las Vegas and $14K in Orlando, FL. Always remember that all of our trade show display rentals are 100% reconfigurable to meet your branding needs.

For additional images, pricing and information pertaining this 20x20 exhibit rental | 20x20 trade show booth rental package, email us at rentals@exhibitexperience.com.

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**Please remember that Exhibit Experience is not the general contractor. Exhibit Experience is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor.  An Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) is any company other than one of the designated official contractors which an exhibitor wants to employ inside the exhibit hall before, during (by special pass and/or wristband), or after the show (Union Rules and Regulations apply). This includes all EAC display houses, display sales representatives, designers, EAC labor, supervisors and any third party.  No permission to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor will be given for the performance of the following services: Electrical, Plumbing & All Other Utilities Drayage / Forklift Operations, Booth Cleaning or Vacuuming, Century Security Form, Telephone / Communications, Rigging - Overhead or Genie Lift, Catering/ Food Service**